Texas Crappie Fishing

Texas Crappie Fishing - Tips and Information for Catching Crappie in Texas

By: Daniel Eggertsen

Texas crappie fishing is an enjoyable experience, especially since the location has so many opportunities for outstanding catches. You will find crappie located throughout the state, including in many of the larger lakes that dot the landscape. If you are an avid angler, catching crappie here will not be difficult. In fact, you may find it readily available to you throughout the region. Knowing where to look and how to catch them is the best advice you can have.

About The Fish You'll Find

Texas crappie fishing means you'll be going after either black crappie or white crappie. Here, black crappie are often about two and a half to three and a half pounds, some smaller and some larger. The state's record is only three pounds and nine ounces, while the world record is all of six pounds. The other option here is white crappie. These are likely to be about three pounds to four pounds, with the state record being four pounds and nine ounces. The world record in white crappie is five pounds and three ounces.

The next important thing to know about Texas crappie fishing is the type of water these fish like to be found in. First, you'll find them in water that is about 68 to 74 degrees, not much colder or much warmer, unless they have to be in it. They prefer shade over sun, which means you will find them lurking in brush and hiding under the overhangs of trees. These are ideal locations to find them. Also, they prefer locations that have less of a current or even no current at all. The water should be clear to slightly murky, but they do not like dark water.

Where You'll Find Them

In your search for Texas crappie fish, start with just about any major lake in the state! They are found in virtually all of them, and you will have a hard time finding a lake without at least a small school of fish, assuming they are situated in prime conditions. If you wish to find the largest fish and would like to do this by fishing in the same location where the state records were held, that's easy enough to do. For black crappie, you will want to head to Lake Fork. White crappie records were broke in Navarro Mills Lake.

Some lakes to take into consideration include:
Belton Lake: Located on Leon River in both Bell and Coryell County, about 12,380 surface acres of water.

Diversion Lake: Located about 30 miles out from Wichita Falls right on the county line of Archer County and Baylor County, about 3100 acres of surface area.Lake Buchanan: Located on the Colorado River in the county of Burnet and Llano, just west of the city of Burnet, about 22,200 acres of water surface area.

Lake Lewisville: Located in Denton County near Lewisville, on Elm Fork portion of the Trinity River, about 29,500 acres of water surface.

Lake Texoma: This is a Red River impoundment that is located on the boarder of Oklahoma and Texas, just northwest of Sherman and Denison and west of US Route 75, About 74,700 acres of water surface area.

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